‘Shared knowledge helps future carbuyers’

Ronald van der Hulst 

Initiator and car enthousiast

About us

We are a small team of car enthusiasts who love to talk, discuss, repair and drive cars. Unfortunately, all of us had its fair share of repair bills that could have been foreseen with the correct knowledge when purchasing the car. 

Most consumers have bought a lemon once in their car-life. Lots of repairs, faults and money down the drain. For a consumer in the second hand car market it is hard to buy the correct model and knowing what to look for. Which problem can occur and how to notice that? Does the problem occur at all engines or years of production?

The goal of Shared-Carfacts.com is to gather all this information so we can help each other and enjoying buying and driving a car with less to worry about since you know what to look for.


Shared-Carfacts.com is a free and open platform where users can share knowledge regarding common problems. Via a wiki based structure, each car-model can be enhanced with problems based on pre-filled categories. 

Our mission is to have the most complete database in the world and to be the best website to check before buying a second hand car.  

Thank you for visiting our website and helping us build the platform.