How to Contribute

As a user you have the possibility to change all the content in the wiki pages. Below a short instruction where you can contribute in 8 steps to help creating a database for all common problems for each car model. 

1. Login to share your knowledge

Already an account? Login via your username and password.

2. Select the car model

Go to the problems page of the car model you want to edit. Either via Car Problems-Make-Model or via the search box. Select the car model go to step 4.

3. Model not found?

Via New - Car Model you have the possibility to create a new wiki page for the missing model.

4. Edit the wiki page

Via Revision Manager – Create New Revision you go to the edit page for the model selected in step 2. You can enrich the model information in the header or add a specific common problem in the defined areas via the Add Row button. You also have the possibility to improve/enrich the information posted by other users.

5. Move described problems in order

Once you have added a new row you have the possibility to change the order of the problems. For example in order of Engine Code. Select the row and move up and down to do so.

6. Submit the changes

When you have edited all the changes for that specific model select Submit for Review to submit the changes you have done. Our team will review your post and, if the information is helpful to others, we will publish it. Status will change from draft to Pending Review. You can then change and submit again.

7. Back to

To go back to to Shared-Carfacts and Visit Site. Go to step 2 to do more revisions to other wiki pages.

8. Logout

Go to My Account- Logout and select Confirm and Log Out.